Unlock Peace of Mind: Introducing PATRON EMI LOCKER, the ultimate solution for secure mobile phone financing.


Your Financial Security Solution

PATRON EMI LOCKER is your ultimate safeguard against the challenges of managing EMI payments. Developed by AG Digital Agency, this innovative software offers a seamless and efficient way for businesses to secure their finances and ensure timely EMI collections.

With PATRON EMI LOCKER, you gain the power to send payment reminders, track overdue payments, and, if necessary, lock customer devices. Say goodbye to financial uncertainties and hello to a secure and hassle-free EMI collection process.

Unlock financial stability with PATRON EMI LOCKER – your trusted partner for EMI management.

Features and Benefits

Simple Lock and Unlock Functionality

Lock and unlock customer devices effortlessly with a single click.

Location Tracking and Control

Gain full control and observation features, allowing you to track customer locations and manage their devices.

Rapid Recovery

Recover your money quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal financial disruption.

Device Lock

Secure your payments by sending reminders or locking a customer's mobile in case of overdue EMI.

Soft Reset Prevention

Prevent users from resetting their devices to avoid payment responsibilities.

Soft Boot Deactivation

Build robust and user-friendly e-commerce platforms that streamline the online shopping experience and maximize conversions.

Automatic Notifications

Receive automatic notifications for due payments, keeping you informed and in control

Social Media App Lock

Disable social media apps like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to ensure customer compliance.

Setting Lock

Manage mobile settings for your team and customers without accessing personal information.

Discover how PATRON EMI LOCKER can revolutionize your mobile retail business by safeguarding your finances and ensuring EMI recovery.​

Success Stories

Case Study 1

Tech Haven Mobiles - Owned by Rajesh Sharma

Tech Haven Mobiles used PATRON EMI LOCKER to reduce EMI payment delays by 70% and recovered outstanding dues promptly

Case Study 2

Gizmo Galaxy - Owned by Priya Verma

Gizmo Galaxy enhanced customer compliance by using PATRON EMI LOCKER, leading to improved financial stability.

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Choose PATRON EMI LOCKER for seamless mobile phone financing. With our powerful app, retailers gain complete control, secure payments, and easy customer management. Say goodbye to traditional hassles and unlock unlimited possibilities with PATRON EMI LOCKER.


Frequently Asked Questions


PATRON EMI LOCKER is an innovative app designed to revolutionize mobile phone financing for retailers. It offers a secure and convenient solution to manage customer payments, minimize default risks, and provide complete control over financed products.

How does PATRON EMI LOCKER work?

PATRON EMI LOCKER allows retailers to remotely lock customers’ devices in case of delayed payments, ensuring the security of financed products. It offers features like EMI due alerts, app lock, location tracking, and seamless device management, providing a comprehensive solution for retailers.

What are the benefits of using PATRON EMI LOCKER?

By using PATRON EMI LOCKER, retailers can reduce the cost of hiring recovery teams, eliminate the need for customer meetings, and gain complete control over financed products. It streamlines operations, enhances financial security, and minimizes the risk of defaulters.

How can PATRON EMI LOCKER help retailers increase their profits?

PATRON EMI LOCKER optimizes retail efficiency by offering secure mobile phone financing. It minimizes the risk of financial losses due to defaulters, reduces operational costs, and provides a seamless platform for managing customer payments, ultimately leading to increased profits for retailers.

Is PATRON EMI LOCKER easy to use?

Yes, PATRON EMI LOCKER is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for retailers to navigate and utilize its powerful features. It requires minimal technical expertise, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for retailers.

How can retailers get started with PATRON EMI LOCKER?

Retailers can get started with PATRON EMI LOCKER by reaching out to our team and signing up for the app. Our dedicated support staff will guide them through the setup process, provide necessary training, and offer ongoing assistance to ensure a seamless integration into their business operations.

Is PATRON EMI LOCKER compatible with different mobile devices?

Yes, PATRON EMI LOCKER is designed to be compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for both retailers and customers. It supports various operating systems, making it suitable for a diverse user base.

How secure is PATRON EMI LOCKER?

PATRON EMI LOCKER prioritizes security and employs robust measures to protect sensitive data. It utilizes encryption protocols, secure connections, and follows industry best practices to ensure the highest level of security for both retailers and customers.

Can retailers customize PATRON EMI LOCKER to suit their specific business needs?

Yes, PATRON EMI LOCKER offers flexibility and customization options to meet the unique requirements of retailers. Our team works closely with retailers to understand their business needs and provides tailored solutions and support throughout the implementation process.

What kind of customer support is available for retailers using PATRON EMI LOCKER?

We offer comprehensive customer support for retailers using PATRON EMI LOCKER. Our dedicated support team is available to address any queries, provide technical assistance, and ensure a smooth and successful experience with the app

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